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Uma oportunidade para o Brasil e a Bélgica - Coordenação de Marc van Montagu

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O Dr. Marc vam Montagu, um dos pioneiros da transformação de plantas e expoente neste campo de pesquisa, informa que o simpósio sobre Agricultura Sustentável, numa perspectiva biotecnológica, está aberto. O foco é justamente a oportunidade que a biotecnologia abre para o Brasil e a Bélica (terra natal do Dr. Montagu). As informações estão abaixo.


Symposium 7 Oct 2011: Sustainable agriculture for an innovative economy – an opportunity for Brazil and Belgium
7 Oct 2011 – Ghent, Belgium

In Brazil, biotechnology is rapidly changing the face of the economy. From agriculture and biofuels to green chemistry, the country is leading the way in public-private partnerships in agricultural research and deployment of new products. On the other side of the world, Belgium has built an impressive track record of pioneering fundamental plant science. Belgian plant scientists are generating frontline knowledge that can form the basis of many innovations in sustainable agriculture and industry.

Now, the Institute of Plant Biotechnology for Developing Countries (IPBO), founded by biotech pioneer Marc Van Montagu, is organizing a symposium about cooperation between Belgium and Brazil in biotech. Aim is to foster the translation of fundamental plant science research into innovative applications for agriculture, cleaner chemical industry and mitigation of environmental impacts in both countries. Representatives from research organizations and companies from both countries will present case studies and opportunities for collaboration in biotechThe symposium is organized at the occasion of the launch of Europalia.Brazil and a FWO and FRS-F.N.R.S.joint workshopon science cooperation between Belgium and Brazil.
Attendance is free, but registration is obligatory.
De Oude Vismijn
St. Veerleplein 5, 9000 Gent
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