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Don't destroy research - Não destrua pesquisas: em apoio ao Rothamstead Institute e contra o ativismo irresponsável

An appeal from scientists at the publicly funded Rothamsted Research.

Um apelo do Instituto de Pesquisas Rothamsted, financiado com verbas públicas, para que os ativistas anti-GM não destruam os experimentos (tem hora marcada para a invasão). A pesquisa desenvolvida pelo instituto é em trigo transgênico que repele insetos e já foi comentada em nosso blog (genpeace.blogspot.com/2012_03_01_archive.html) 

Assine a petição para apoiar a ciência e os pesquisadores do Rothamsted Research clicando no botão vinho abaixo (depois do link do YouTube)

Click this button to sign the petition calling for discussion not destruction:

Defend Science ButtonQuestions about plant science?

John Pickett“On 27th May 2012 protesters are planning to destroy our Chemical Ecology group’s scientific research because it uses genetically modified wheat. Growing wheat has an environmental toll of extensive insecticide use to control aphid pests. The research, which is non-commercial, is investigating how to reduce that by getting the plants to repel aphids with a natural pheromone. We are appealing for protesters to call off the destruction and discuss the work.”
John Pickett, Scientific Leader of Chemical Ecology, Rothamsted Research
Gia Aradottir“As scientists, we know only too well that we don’t have all the answers. But if the work is destroyed, we’ll lose years of work and we will never know whether it could reduce the environmental impact of wheat growing. Please sign our petition and oppose the destruction of our research.”
Gia Aradottir, Postdoctoral Researcher, Insect Biology, Rothamsted Research
 There is more information on the wheat trial at the Rothamsted Research website


Media coverage

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